Hey, I am Heather O'Mara.

My goal is to make my clients feel celebrated by capturing images that show their genuine selves.

I began taking photos at age 12 and never really stopped. I created albums that are still in the back room of my parents house that journaled the exciting times of 7th and 8th grade dances.

I evolved into shooting with film, using a darkroom and the transition to digital. I have shot my share of weddings, new babies and beautiful families (some started with me as a engaged couple). My most exciting span of time was living in Italy for 3.5 years with my husband and sons. I enjoyed the beauty in the images I captured. While there, I loved crafting a blog that mixed my writing and photojournalistic interest. I became quite skilled at my use of the Italian language, still using it to correct my boys and uttering choice words under my breath.

Since starting my own business, 13 years ago, I have seen many things come and go. I have evolved as a photographer and that love of creating memories that are remarkably special.